Daily Archives: 28 January, 2009

Jessica Simpson’s fat and happy…god forbid.


…And she’s not even fat!  Surprise, surprise, there’s a media flurry about a young starlet who packed on the pounds.  Jessica Simpson was the subject of Boston’s own “Matty in the Morning” show this morning, along with other various websites and junk celebrity magazines.  Kiss 108’s website proclaims, WHAT HAPPENED TO JESSICA SIMPSON?  with the above pictures.

There is something I have always been curious about.  What is SO fascinating about someone packing on 30 pounds?  What is so intriguing about a heavy person that you jump to criticize them?  I have watched SO many people in my life giggle nervously when they see a fat person, and whisper to me, “Oh my god, they got so fat!”  It’s just a sign something’s off-balance in their life. 


Are you THAT insecure with yourself that you jump to point out the flaws in others?  Sistah please.