Daily Archives: 30 January, 2009

I swore off fashion magazines years ago…will you?

It is a documented FACT that women feel worse about themselves after reading a fashion magazine.

Think about it.  A 200-page glossary of why you aren’t enough.

And while I am getting this up and running I wanted to alert you all to Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which is February 22-28.  There are a bunch of great events going on in the area, such as “The Thin Line”, which I plan on attending.  “The Thin Line” is a one-woman show dedicated to coping with an eating disorder.  For tickets (which are limited so call NOW) call 617-558-1881 x 15.


order your purple bracelet from MEDA (Mass Eating Disorder Association) to show your support at:



become a media watchdog like myself!  Sign up at http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/p.asp?WebPage_ID=300

Cheers til next time…