I swore off fashion magazines years ago…will you?

It is a documented FACT that women feel worse about themselves after reading a fashion magazine.

Think about it.  A 200-page glossary of why you aren’t enough.

And while I am getting this up and running I wanted to alert you all to Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which is February 22-28.  There are a bunch of great events going on in the area, such as “The Thin Line”, which I plan on attending.  “The Thin Line” is a one-woman show dedicated to coping with an eating disorder.  For tickets (which are limited so call NOW) call 617-558-1881 x 15.


order your purple bracelet from MEDA (Mass Eating Disorder Association) to show your support at:



become a media watchdog like myself!  Sign up at http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/p.asp?WebPage_ID=300

Cheers til next time…

One thought on “I swore off fashion magazines years ago…will you?

  1. I never read those rags. Such ridiculous to aspire to a beauty that is not even real in the super models.
    Body Dismorphia is one of the major causes of both eating disorders and bulimia.
    Join me on my blog and come with me as I recover!

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