Putting Our Bodies Down.


You know who I’m talking about.  Maybe you’ve even done if yourself. 

“Oh my god, I’m gonna be bad and eat this piece of quiche.  I’m totally going to hell for it!!”


“It’s cool.  Cause I only ate 200 calories for breakfast, so I can totally eat this piece of lasagna for dinner.”

Who the hell cares.

One of the key pieces in my recovery from an eating disorder was getting rid of numbers and stopping the obsessive food talk.  I got rid of a scale, and stopped counting calories.  Once I learned what a “healthy” portion was in treatment, I tried to stop measuring food and started eyeballing it instead.  One of the most important things one can learn in recovery is:

If you treat it well, your body will find its equilibrium.  It willreside at a healthy weight.  It probably won’t stay where your eating disordered voice wants it (which, in my case, was three sizes smaller than I am organically), but it will stay put where your body needs it to.  In my case, I knew my IBW (Ideal Body Weight) was higher than others, since my menstrual cycle would stop at a weight which is perfectly healthy for others. 

As for the obsessive food talk –

Why do we feel the need to apologize for what we eat in front of others?  As if indulging equals shame, as if feeding our bodies equals apology.

The way I figure it –

We are given one body in this life, with its spider veins, curves, stretch marks and wrinkles. 

Love it.  Those same stretch marks you curse were created by the daughter you bore.  The wrinkles?  The laughs you’ve let rip from your belly.  And the spider veins are a gift from your grandmother, a woman who gave up so much just to raise seven children.

It may sound corny, but thank your body for being “it” today.

Book Recommendation:

Healthy Body Image: Teaching Kids to Eat and Love Their Bodies Too!  (see image above).

Kater, Kathy.

Available at http://www.gurze.com/productdetails.cfm?PC=1276

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  1. I actually like to take the more “creative” approach and tell my kids the stretch marks are from being attacked by a tiger. (I have to give my brother the credit for that idea!) They think I’m way cooler for that! Plus they’re still a little young to grasp the reality of it.

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