5’10”, 120-lb. model reportedly fired for being “overweight”

Last week, a photoshopped Ralph Lauren ad surfaced that portrayed its dungarees-wearing model ridiculously emaciated; her waist was smaller than her head.  The featured model, Filippa Hamilton, went on record as being fired for becoming “overweight”.  Hamilton states that her agent told her this gem, along with the idea that she “couldn’t fit into their clothes anymore.” 
Just so you know, at 5’10” and 120 lbs, most women stop menstruating.
And just this week in Australia, a second Ralph Lauren ad surfaced featuring a similarly-skinny model (Valentina Zelyaeva, see image).
And I almost thought blatantly obvious photoshopping had gone out of style.
In my opinion, Ralph Lauren had better do some major damage control.  I find it very interesting that this comes from an American company (popular media typically tends to blame the European fashion industry for setting unrealistic beauty standards).  I tend to think even some of the Dove “true beauty” ads are misleading.  Sure, there are larger women in some of those ads, but the raging feminist in me would like them to take it a step further; I want to see them with no makeup.  I know, I know, I drive a hard bargain.
For the original story and Filippa Hamilton ad, read more at:
(Image provided by photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com and cocoperez.com)

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