I’m exhausted.

exhausted ladyI’m exhausted.

I’m exhausted of flipping on the computer and reading other girls’ blogs that unknowingly obsess over and attach a moral value to food*.

I’m exhausted over watching these blogs and similar media become popular because they are easy to read.

I’m exhausted of having to explain to health practitioners and to teachers what an eating disorder is.

I’m especially exhausted of acquaintances who make jokes about my blog or my passion about this topic because they are too uncomfortable to sit with themselves and their own issues**.

I’m exhausted of feeling like I’m “too loud”, “too disturbed, or “too ‘too'”, for that matter.

I’m exhausted over those who think my tendency to be honest is actually a weakness.  They’re wrong.

I’m exhausted of working on myself and my spirituality, while others sit idly by and examine the latest j crew catalogue.

I’m exhausted after working a 10-hour job I love, but will always be underpaid for (and yes.  a small part of me will resent this).

I was almost too exhausted to write this blog entry.




it’s too important to stop

and there are too many awful images out there

and too many girls making destructive decisions

and too many people who don’t even understand what I’m writing now

to give up.

(that’s my little rant for a monday evening.)

*Ari, this so does not include you.

** Matt Tallia, this also so does not include you.  You crack me up.

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