“Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels”

this is weight gain?!

So, I have been super cranky, bitchy, sick and tired lately, so I apologize for my blog posts that have been dwindling rapidly.  However, when I am down I have my faithful readers (reader? haha) to rely on, so the video clip below is again from my beautiful cousin Cassie.  In it is a small bit on how Kate Moss has influenced womens’ views of their bodies and what they should look like.

Oh, and PS, Kate probably gained weight cause she’s off the crack.


(Image provided by theinsider.com)

2 thoughts on ““Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels”

  1. Hey Rebecca, thanks for stopping by!

    What a great point you make. I know that I (and probably most of the women I surround myself with) don’t worship her or after seeing her in a magazine think, “Oh, I should be just like that.” I do think, however, that she was a big factor in the whole “waif trend” in the mid-nineties that is still pretty popular today. So, I think she had an influence on women’s views of what is the “norm”, but yeah, I do think her whole drug thing has taken the allure away.

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