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This Olympian’s Happy About An Extra 10 Pounds.

Check this out!


In this refreshing article, American ice dancer Tanith Belbin endorses the benefits of weight gain and acknowledges her “problems with eating”.  After her coach suggested a slight increase in weight, Tanith noticed a positive change in her mood and in her skating.

I completely relate.  In an attempt to look prettier onstage, I used to uselessly starve myself a month before the show I was in went into production.  This only caused me to feel weak, project less energy onstage, and to forget lines and dance steps.  However, when I allowed myself to indulge during a run of the show, I would have boundless energy and would give an overall better performance.

(Image provided by http://sports.yahoo.com.  WordPress still won’t let me link things the pretty way.  Grrrr).