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Some of my colleagues have been curious about the various resources around the area that treat eating disorders.  In the spirit of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, I thought it might be useful to compile a list here.

1. Multiservice Eating Disorder Association (MEDA)

Do you have a client who needs a simple, once-a-week outpatient group that connects her or him to others struggling with an eating disorder?  MEDA provides two groups for adults 18 and older, and a teen group for younger clients.  In addition, MEDA provides a drop-in group for those who support individuals with an eating disorder.  This organization goes far beyond the group therapy level, however – they offer private coaching sessions for concerned supports, host conferences, and have a monthly speaker who has recovered from an eating disorder herself.  MEDA can also provide your client with a psychiatrist or PCP who specializes in eating disorders.  MEDA is located/can be reached at:

92 Pearl Street, Newton, MA


2. Walden Behavioral Care

Walden Behavioral Care provides services to eating disordered clients at all functioning levels: Walden has inpatient, residential, partial, and intensive outpatient programs.  The intensive outpatient program runs in the evening, which typically tends to be a warning time for eating disordered behaviors, and includes a meal.  Walden also offers an adolescent intensive outpatient program and a Binge and Night Eating Program.  Walden has an additional campus in Northampton.  Walden is located/can be reached at:

9 Hope Avenue, Suite 500, Waltham, MA


3. Cambridge Eating Disorder Center

Located in Harvard Square, CEDC also offers residential, partial and intensive outpatient programs.  CEDC’s other services include family/couples therapy, nutrition counseling, and a monthly family and support group.  To refer a client, call  (617) 547-2255 ext. 222.

4. Klarman Center for Eating Disorders, McLean Hospital

Klarman provides services for those aged 13-23, and provides both residential and partial programs.  Expressive Therapy, DBT/CBT, body image work, and nutritional counseling are just a piece of the work done here.  Call 617.855.3410, or e-mail

5.  Laurel Hill Inn

LHI is located in a residential neighborhood in Medford, MA and is private (read: only takes certain insurances).  LHI provides residential, partial, and evening programs.  At this facility, clients participate in realistic, everyday rituals with food (clients take cooking lessons, go shopping for food, go on dinner outings when deemed appropriate and safe).  For more information, call (781) 396-1116 or send email to

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