Day 3 of the Tummy Love Project: Belly Laughs

nuff said.
nuff said.
What a great evening. I had a rare night tonight in which, well, I went out. It’s amazing the things that are fun after you become a mom and sleep 3 hrs a night and wear oatmeal to work. Anywho, I spent some time with some friends, ate great food (our table did incredibly well with decreasing the mini cupcake supply), and poked fun at each other. By the end, we were roaring with laughter at some of the shenanigans that were going on. I also reminisced about a year earlier, at the previous year’s work Christmas party: I had gone into labor during it. My belly, much more rotund than it is now, was ready to pop then. It was a nice memory (especially because my early contractions weren’t that bad!)

The belly laughs we had tonight reminded me of the following exercise. It sounds goofy, but I’ve tried it in theater warmups before and it is pretty amusing. Try it!

1• Invite some friends to join you—the more, the better. Arrange yourselves on the floor so that you’re lying at right angles to each other, one woman’s head resting on the next woman’s belly. (The first one in the chain will have her head on the floor; have a pillow handy for her.)

2• The first woman says “Ha!” The next woman adds another “Ha!” and so does the next and the next, passing the lengthening list of ha-ha’s down the chain.

3• Be sure to play a number of rounds, changing places so that the first woman has a chance to be in the middle of the chain. And if you aren’t all breaking up into belly laughs, start trading your bawdiest jokes!

(Resource provided by The Woman’s Belly Book. Image provided by

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