Can We Talk About Anne Hathaway For a Minute?

dried oatmeal paste works!
dried oatmeal paste works!

Sister please.

By now, we ALL know that Les Miserables (the movie adaptation) is pretty kickass, minus some Russell Crowe what-the-eff-ness.  And by now we ALL know that Anne Hathaway, poor dedicated perfectionist Anne Hathaway, starved herself by eating 500 calories a day to become dying-Fantine-skinny.  To be specific, she ate two dried oatmeal paste squares a day. 

Good for you, Anne Hathaway.  Good for fucking you.

Before we get into the barrage of, “Oh, that’s Hollywood!”  or “Well, she was a starving character!”, let me lay this on you.

1.  Keep your twisted diet secrets to yourself.  The fact that you told people this tells me you have some sort of martyr thing going.  (“Oh, look at me!  I almost died for this role!”)

2.  A world where women get rewarded by Oscar statuettes for getting to a weight where they can’t reproduce is fucked up.  Period.

And this is coming from a woman who loves Les Mis.  I have, in fact, been known to belt “On My Own” in the shower and at previous auditions.  So I know alllllllllll…..lllllllll about the musical and who Fantine is blah blah blah.  And I’m sure Anne is fantastic.

Now, backing up, to be fair…what is my part in this?  Did I seek this out?  Not really.  I hopped on Facebook and there was the headline, “Les Mis Director Begged Anne Hathaway to Stop Losing Weight”.  I am in recovery from an eating disorder, so yeah, I’m fucking triggered by this shit probably more than the usual person.  But I’m willing to bet all this body image stuff sits in the backs of you normies’ minds, too.

And lastly, I’m just sick of even bringing this shit to light.  I feel like it draws more attention to it and glamorizes it further.  Apologies for the crude language…I’m just sick of being inundated with messages of starvation that induce guilt as I sit here eating hummus and pita chips.

Hollywood, go fuck yourself.

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10 thoughts on “Can We Talk About Anne Hathaway For a Minute?

  1. Thank you so much for your honesty! Your feelings make complete sense to me. I’ve had those feelings with other celebrities (ie, jennifer aniston has the perfect abs, etc.) You woke me up to examine my obvious (heh heh) anger about it.

    I think I am genuinely angry at the media/Hollywood for continuing to endorse this image, and should have directed more of my anger towards them instead. I forget that Anne may be suffering as well. Thank you again for your honesty, it affected me in a positive way.

  2. Towards the beginning of the year I tucked my digital scale in my closet and made a conscious choice to find an eating plan that made me feel great. I succeeded and wrote about my efforts on my blog. It was an exceptional, fun and guilt-free eating year. But I didn’t tell the whole truth. I’d been obese (200 lbs.) for a decade. In 2005 I dropped to my lowest weight of 122, in less than a year, through a twisted version of Weight Watchers (eat as few points as possible and exercise as much as possible…and acquire a few additional unhealthy habits I’d rather not discuss). When I reached goal weight I continued my bad habits to maintain the weight loss. Tucking away my scale gave me permission to tuck away my bad habits. At the beginning of 2012 I weighed 130 pounds. Yesterday, when I stepped on it for the first time since March, I discovered I’d put on twenty-five pounds. (Yes, I was aware my body was changing during the year but I was blaming menopause for my ever expanding menopot.) Discovering I’d added twenty-five additional pounds to my small frame has resurrected all the guilt I associate with eating. Guilt that is honed and polished by stories of Anne Hathaway’s incredible discipline (or idiocy), by Jennifer Aniston’s perfect abs and (gag) Gwyneth Paltrow’s workout routine. I’m a middle-aged woman. I should know better. But I work in an industry where youth and a fine physique are rewarded. I know the next weeks will be challenging as I work to find a new balance; as I practice stepping on the scale without fear, guilt or judgement. The sad thing is, I thought I was done with this. Thank you for your honest post and the multiple f-bombs. Exactly how I feel today.

    1. Hey there,

      Thanks SO much for stopping by and for your honesty! Even though I know the gained weight can contradict things in our minds (I’ve experienced being at a higher weight but saner mind), I applaud your decision to put away the scale! Personally, it was the best decision I ever made. And you said…”I thought I was done with this”. I hear you, sister. I have moments where I think, “I’m recovered!” Only to discover I had some irrational behavior or thought process going on. It’s a journey, and as long as we keep learning we’re good. And haha, I’m glad someone liked the f-bombs.


  3. Thank you for bringing attention to this issue. I don’t understand how anyone could let her eat two dried oatmeal paste squares a day–you’d think in Hollywood she could find a nutritionist, chef, and trainer who could help her lose weight in a healthy way. I agree with what you said about not keeping this “diet” a secret–this isn’t a diet that anyone should be bringing attention to or announcing. Great post!

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