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Blissful Body Image Fridays: I’m Back!

Hey all, Blissful Body Image Friday is back with a vengeance, after last week’s hiatus (which was due to a crazy man running around Watertown.) So…I found some kickass sites today (click the links peeps), and some kickass pics and quotes, so “feast” your eyes on these…love to all of you. Especially those who were so supportive on my last post about the bombings. You help this lady feel put together. Xoxo!


1.  So true – it’s crazy how much money we waste on what society wants us to look like.  Check out these comparisons (so blurry yet so good):



(Source: nowfoundation)


2.  Love this quote…

“Reduce cellulite. Be gone dry skin. Vanish unwanted facial hair. Diminish stretch marks. Fade age spots. Eliminate feminine odor. Lose weight. Dissolve belly fat. Erase wrinkles.

I think someone wants me to disappear.”

– Guerrilla Girls, source: Furocious Femme


3.  I’ve had the opposite of this feeling, when letting go of old eating disordered jeans and not wanting to…seeing this is inspiring.


(source: fuckyeahbodyimage)


4.  And this is what I want to say to Fiona if she ever asks…










WORD.  Check out this poem  – Pretty

See ya later, my friends – have a great weekend!!!