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Media Mondays: My Body Gallery

Happy Monday!  I’m gonna take a break from my “media watchdog” status and post something from the media that is BODY POSITIVE – or at least, I think so.  My fabulous friend Liz let me know about the My Body Gallery, a site that is dedicated to portraying an accurate depiction of what REAL women look like.  The coolest part, in my opinion, is the place where you can type in your height and weight and see pictures of other real women.  For the women I spoke to, this was a wakeup call – as in, “Hey I look better than I thought!”  Why?  Because often we view ourselves more negatively than we do others.  However this could be a trigger for some – so you have been warned.


So click away!


Have a great Monday, folks!

2 thoughts on “Media Mondays: My Body Gallery

  1. I will say, this bothered me a teensy bit, because as you said, it could be a trigger… but also I think this project could improve by including measurements. On many occasions, my friend and I have been the same size, but the same size fit us differently, and my 5’11” frame was round and supple, while her 5’6″ frame was muscular and thick. I guess, what I am really trying to say, is that I love that site challenges our perpception of ourselves, but we still need to be careful and train our minds to love our bodies.

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