Three Reasons Why This Blog Will Never Be Popular.


I’ve spent a long time thinking about how I can market this blog, make it bigger, more accessible, increase the traffic so it can reach more ED sufferers and those in recovery (from bad body image or an ED), and I’ve concluded –

This blog will never be popular.

This is not pessimistic, this is a realistic viewpoint.

And these are my reasons why:


1.  Some readers think I’m pro-fat.  I’m not.  I’m pro-health.  And sometimes being healthy also means being overweight.  Given that the current trend is panicking about any “bad” foods or “bad” eating patterns, this “grey-area” blog is not going to go viral anytime soon in this all or nothing thinking world.  (“Either you’re fat and unhealthy or thin and healthy!”  Nope, nope, that’s just not true.  And what about emotional health?)


2.  People LOVE trends.  LOVE.   What’s more appealing than a new quick fix all the cool kids are trying out?  Let’s take an example – Paleo.  (Just using that because it seems to be the “trendiest” right now.)  Can some people turn this into a permanent lifestyle?  Very few, I think.  The thing about trends is that they’re never sustainable.  History has proven it.  Powdered faces with the hairline shaven back?  Gone with the medieval times.  Or something.  White lipstick?  My mother dabbled with it in the sixties.  Paleo?  Probably gone just as quick.  

Now, is Paleo healthy?  Absolutely, parts of it.  But it’s the fact that it’s a trend that will ultimately be the demise of it.  Something else will come along that people will latch onto and try.  and it will be left in the dust.  

My blog doesn’t focus on trends – it asks you to do the longterm, day-at-a-time work.  The internal work, not the “change your outsides so you have a temporary high” work.  


3.  Diets Make Money.  I could google it, but I’m going to assume that the diet industry makes millions of dollars each year off of people buying into their particular cookbooks, their programs, and low-carb cheesecakes.  So, when I say they’re bullshit, this will obviously earn a quick snub from most viewers. Why?  They invested money in a product and they don’t want to be told it was for nothing, or for little, or for temporarily.  They want that investment to mean something.  And I’m threatening that.  


So, that’s part of why I think this blog will never be popular.  

(Like not being popular has ever stopped me before….)

And an anecdote to finish this off.  Recently, I was sitting with my therapist, and said, “You know, I think I’ve found the secret to a healthy weight and healthy life.”

“And what is that?”  She asked.

“Not worrying about it,” I replied.

She smiled.

21 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why This Blog Will Never Be Popular.

  1. I am physically fat but otherwise physically healthy. This is possible! I have a doctor’s note and everything! Could I lose weight? Absolutely. Do I have the time to focus on that right now? Not on any planet. THIS is why I love your blog. You give such a candid point of view about body image and the challenges that women face in light of it. If that makes me not so trendy well… I’ve never been good at being fashionable 😉

  2. Hey Nicole! Thanks for still following me! And for the compliments. I get down sometimes…because I know the majority of people aren’t on the same page as I…but it’s great to hear things like this from you!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah, it’s selfish in a sense because it helps me to keep doing the “right thing” body wise. Thank you again for following it!

  3. This is great and so true. The “quick fixes” never work, do they? It’s refreshing to find a blogger who speaks her mind instead of pandering to the masses. I need to check out the rest of your site. (stopping by from Honest Voices)

  4. We can only write our truth, popular or not. I’ll be there are more people than you know who are appreciative of your realistic and tempered take on a healthy lifestyle. Do your thing, and do it proudly!

    1. Thank you, Amy. You are very encouraging! I should have said in the post – I only wish the blog was popular for the sake of getting the word about recovery out there. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

  5. You’re probably right. I told my husband the other day that I don’t expect my blog to ever become a big hit, either. He asked why, and I told him that I don’t talk about sex, I don’t curse, and I don’t know enough about pop culture. I’m okay with that. I’ve never been popular anywhere else, so why should the internet be any different?

    This is my first visit to your blog. (I came from Honest Mom.) I love your message of self acceptance and a sustainable, healthy lifestyle .

  6. Meh, popular is overrated. I don’t write on as specific stuff as you do, but everyone says that you get more traffic and comments and blah blah blah if you write about what everyone’s talking about. I DON”T WANT to write about what everyone’s talking about. There is too much talking about it, it is boring and lame and won’t matter in a week. So yeah, I have just decided that not being popular is the new popular.

    Also hi from a fellow Boston Parent Blogger!

    1. Haha I love it, thank you Jessica! That’s sort of what I think…I get tired of trying to be a “stressed-crazy-wine-drinking mom” (even though I do enjoy my indulgements) when I really want to blog about crap that’s important to me. Hope that made sense, and hi back!

  7. I was JUST thinking about this exact topic the other day! It’s so true. My blog was really popular about two months ago when I was discussing my issues with bingeing and eating disorders more heavily. The minute I announced that I was essentially recovered, my page views dropped in half. I’m not sorry about it at all, either. I don’t need people to cling to my page because of my past. I only care about readers who are interested in my life now, not my past unhealthy behaviors.

    1. Hey there,

      that is CRAZY that your views dropped so much! That’s a shame because you seem to have a TON to offer from your blog. But you’re totally right – you don’t need people to cling to an old image of you. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I almost bought some green coffee extract and raspberry ketones today, then I checked the prices-OMG! What a money suck! Even the guy at GNC said “yeah, I’m not sure they work, they’re just the current big thing. But it’s starting to phase out.” I left empty handed.

    1. Kim, thanks for stopping by! Yeah…I’ve totally bought some of that stuff too…and have found the same thing. Oh, trends! (The name “One Classy Motha” cracks me up, by the way….seen ya around on BPB!)

  9. Oh I love this!!! I’m so with you! Especially about people and fads!! Like the “organic is healthier” one. Take from some one who went to school for this it’s just a way to get ur money!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for reading! Yeah…the diet industry is crazy. And although “organic” is probably healthier than cheetos, I never went organic either ;-p

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