Media Mondays: “Get High School-Skinny!”

High School Skinny!  Wicked awesome.  Not.
High School Skinny! Wicked awesome. Not.

I always anticipate the checkout line at Market Basket with a mix of dread and excitement.  Why?  Those goddamn beauty and celeb mags that scream ridiculousness at you.

I forget about magazines, in our interweb age, but they still exist.  I blogged about avoiding them on a Recovery Tip Tuesday, but a particular headline made me giggle.  Maybe that wasn’t an appropriate reaction, but that’s what I did.

A Self magazine read, “Get High School Skinny!”

Ok, shitastic excellent idea.

In high school, I weighed a ton less than I do now.  It was because I was


1.  Eating less than or about 500 calories a day

2.  Exercising for an hour every day


3.  Taking laxatives at the end of my high school career when I couldn’t tolerate restricting anymore.

So I laughed.  Definitely not a pattern or look I’m yearning to get back to at any moment.

Is it the fountain of youth?  Do people just want to relive the glory days due to lack of acceptance of their age?  What is it that makes lines like that so marketable?

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Media Mondays: “Get High School-Skinny!”

  1. i heard the exact same ad/slogan on the radio on my way home from work. and spent the next 15 minutes dictating to the radio precisely why and how their campaign was flawed. with my windows down. in a traffic jam. (crazy lady alert!)

  2. If someone told me I could weigh my high school weight in perpetuity if I went back and relived a day of my high school life I would tell that person they could go f*ck themselves! Not only was a tiny in size but I was tiny in how much I thought of myself, how well I treated myself and how well I treated people around me (because of my tiny sense of self.) NO THANK YOU! Thanks for this post manda…reminds me of how far I’ve come 🙂

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