Dear Media: Stop Trying to Kill My Sisters.

Dear Media,

I woke up this morning to a picture my friend had posted (mockingly) of a “Get Beach Ready!” article in some beauty magazine.  In it, the first tip suggested,


stretch marks

and I say –

Go fuck yourself.  That’s right.  You heard me.

Stretch marks have nothing to do with beauty; in fact, I think they have a lot to do with skin elasticity.  So stop trying to attach moral value to stretch marks.

Or anything else body-related for that matter.

Media, did you know eating disorders are the deadliest mental health illness?  Bypassing alcoholism?


Well yes, they are.  And you are contributing to many a woman’s death, on a daily basis, all for your love of money.

Stop trying to kill my sisters.  Or my daughter, for that matter.

What if you, instead, chose to publish an un-airbrushed, average looking lady on your cover?  Might that young pre-teen you’re selling to have not chosen to go on a 500-calorie a day diet?  Maybe, maybe not.  Even if you’re not the direct cause, you’re part of the equation.

And when the women who don’t kill themselves via starvation give up on attaining that perfect ideal, they swing the other way.  They start binging, because they just as well might give up and “get fat because there’s no hope for me anyway.”  You may have heard of an epidemic called “obesity.”  You play a part in that.


They buy into your bullshit because you’ve inundated them with false truths since the moment they were born.  Society’s values do a number on them too – “sweet, cute, Daddy’s little girl.”  Pushed down by the patriarchy as soon as they can breathe air.

Oh, and stop trying to kill our mothers.

The other day, I heard a husband joke about giving his wife 6 months post-partum to appear as if she never had a baby.  Behind the joking that made me want to stick a needle in my eye – there is truth.  A million of your articles have been dedicated to women pretending as if they never took part in assisting the human race in surviving.  Makes sense.



Keeping women insecure earns a lot of money for you.  How do you sleep at night?  How do you live with yourself?

Either way, it’s got to stop.  You make my new-mother friend feel like she should weigh less, you make my daughter the subject of weight stereotypes, and you make me feel like my genetic spider veins are little spindles of evil on my pasty-white, untanned-and-therefore-unappealing skin.


(Another Piece of Cake realizes there are healthy ad campaigns out there, and applauds them!  Another Piece of Cake also realizes men are hit hard by the media too, but Another Piece of Cake only writes about women because she’s, well…a woman.)

15 thoughts on “Dear Media: Stop Trying to Kill My Sisters.

  1. Amen! Shared. Liked. Followed. Sometimes I am thankful that I have boys – because the pressure I see placed on girls, women, & moms is incredible. Thank you.

  2. Amen sister! I can’t stand the media sometime. It’s outrageous how much pressure they put on the shoulders of women of all ages to achieve impossible perfection. I actually just did a post ranting on it as well haha. Wonderful read girl <3

  3. The “pre-pregnancy” body stuff drives me up the wall. I will never have my pre-pregnancy body again because, well, I HAVE BEEN PREGNANT. My hips have changed. My breasts have changed. To fill women with the expectation that they can (and should!) have their pre-pregnancy bodies back is dangerously unrealistic. Women can be beautiful at any size, and of course beautiful after pregnancy. You can be back to your pre-pregnancy weight. You can wear your old clothes. But you will never go back to a time before your pregnancy, because your pregnancy has happened. Why do we want to pretend that it didn’t?

    Anyway, yeah. RAR. Thanks for ranting. I really appreciate it.

    1. Thanks for reading!!! Yeah, it’s all really stupid. Why can’t media/society value and honor those who’ve given birth? Crazy.

  4. AMEN!!!! I struggle with self-image due to history of a skin disorder and now I have three daughters a well. I am so sock of the media portraying their version of what beautiful is. It is very difficult to feel good about ourselves or to teach my daughters they are beautiful when we are completely inundated with these stereotypes!

  5. The ad campaigns are almost as bad as the celebrity magazines that highlight the celebrities who lose 30 pounds of pregnancy weight in one week and then star in a movie with nude scenes within a month of delivery. That’s my huge media pet peeve. Isn’t it funny how they also don’t show the tens of thousands of dollars of personal trainers, nutritionists, and personal stylists that make this happen?

  6. Not only am I tired of the media trying to make women feel bad about themselves, I’m sick of being sold things I don’t need. Stop making up products for imaginary problems! Millions of people are without basic necessities and the media tries to convince us that if our mascara clumps it’s the end of the world. It’s crazy.

  7. Amen, my friend. I wrote a bunch of articles and posts about eating disorders lately and I’m just so incredibly sick of it. I work at a psych hospital and the statistics are just mind-numbing. Fight the power. Fight fight fight!

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