Daily Archives: 26 November, 2013

Why I Picked Sonia


So, I’m sure a few people might have noticed I’m doing ads for Sonia Kashuk.

I don’t typically do a lot of ads – especially ones for the beauty industry – but I liked her backstory.

Sonia is a breast cancer survivor – which is a struggle near and dear to my partner’s heart.  Our daughter’s middle name is his late aunt’s name, who struggled with breast cancer.  So, anyone who does work for breast cancer awareness work receives a thumbs-up in my book.

I’m also all for anybody who’s been through anything – you know?  I do believe the beauty lies in going through something, and not running away from it.  She already has a lot of respect from me.

Check out her affordable products here at  http://goo.gl/SB1Qy6.